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Around the world, travellers experience hotels that are focused on sustainability. Many have achieved Green Key or Eco Label certification and work hard towards reducing their CO2 emissions on a daily basis.

Until now, there hasn’t been any real alternatives to guests enjoying long showers. Water saving technologies meant reducing the shower experience for guests or implementing nudging processes – often with little effect – as guests appreciate the long luxurious shower when they are away from home.

 Flow Loop’s recycling and retrofitable shower delivers a superior shower experience and saves 85% water, 75% energy and 70% CO2 for ever shower taken. It can be installed in 30 minutes, and does not require any construction work. The panel and drain that hides the innovative technology can be custom designed to match your interior, and naturally we are able to report on savings across water, energy and CO2.


There is a lot of showering here and there is often a compromise with the showering experience to save water.

With Flow Loop recycling shower Eco Loop, you do not have to compromise on the shower experience to save water, energy and even improve your operating costs.


Many people take a bath before or after work, which means that the recirculating shower is quickly earned back while the company can offer its employees a bathing experience beyond the usual which is even sustainable.

When Eco Loop is installed in the changing facilities at the workplace, it supports your CSR strategy.


The shower is one of those relaxing moments. Many people have a bad conscience due to a high water and energy consumption when taking a bath, as the bath is where the most water and second most energy is used in the home.

With Eco Loop you get an outstanding shower experience and support the environment at the same time.

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